List of our regular church events are;

  • Total-Praise

    A quarterly program that brings together people from different races and cultures to Praise God for four (4) hours non-Stop.

  • Night of Divine Encounter & Holy Communion

    Last Friday of every month from 10:00pm-12:30am.

  • Singles Come Together (SINCOT)

    Meeting for Singles & Unmarried.

  • Couples Come Together (CCT)

    This is a Programme where Married Couples come together to Pray, Share experience and dine together.


    This is our monthly Prayer, training & Counselling Program which is held once a month on the Third Saturdays of every month for everyone in the community. 11:00am – 1:00pm


    Meeting of People from Various Professions.


    A day for Community works.

  • Youth Come Together ( YouCoT)

    A special day for youths in the community.

  • Friends & FAMILY Day

    A Special day for hosting families, friends, relations, etc.

  • International- Day

    Coming together of People from all ethnicity to display their country’s dance, song, flag, Food, Culture, dressing.