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Beloved of the Lord, according to the word of our Lord in Luke 8: 21 “My mother and my brethren are these which hear the word of God, and do it” only those who hears & do the word of The Lord are qualified to be called members of God’s family.

Many today, and through the centuries since Jesus spoke these words, have claimed affiliation with him. But Jesus’ own words rebuke his would-be, fair-weather, so-called family members.
Not those who gather large crowds in my name, or gain political clout by my name, or salve their guilty consciences with my name are mine, says Jesus, but those who hear and obey God’s Word. Those who have a true and permanent relationship with me are those who are receptive to God’s Word.

What a high view of Scripture Jesus had! Even in the presence of his biological mother and siblings, Jesus starkly reminds us that a true connection to Christ is not made or maintained through family affiliation. For the definition of his disciples Jesus purposefully chose the rock-solid, unchanging Word of God as the meter of true religion.

Being a philanthropist does not make one a Christian! neither does good intentions or family pedigree defines one as the child of God. Going to church or even being a minister or worker is not enough to qualify us as being part of Him. Rather God’s Word is the simple, sole barometer that Jesus gives us with which to measure our relationship with him.

What is your relationship to Jesus? Do you merely approve of him, or do you obey him? Those who hear God’s Word and seek to apply it faithfully in their lives are assured that Jesus is, indeed, their close friend and true family member.

Beloved of The Lord as we look forward to year 2013 it is time for us to have the right perspective of what is a good relationship with God. It is not only about activities but living by the word of God. My prayer for us this day is that the Master will give us the grace to live everyday of our lives in a manner pleasing to Him. To do what His word says even when it does not make sense & inconvenient to us. Brethren His grace is more than sufficient for us so let us fly upon the wings of His amazing grace in the new year.

Have a blessed week & happy New Year.


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